Avoid These 6 Common Faux Lash Mistakes

Avoid These 6 Common Faux Lash Mistakes

Nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes.

But when it comes to caring for your lashes, we want there to be as few as possible.

So to help you in your lash journey, we've got some helpful tips that everyone should know to help improve their overall experience when it comes to all things lashes!

Tip #1: Remove your lashes from the lash tray with caution. Being gentle is key. The lash strips are delicate and if you are too aggressive you run the risk of damaging them. We suggest starting from the lash band and pulling in a downward motion away from the tray. Also don't pull the lash off by the lash fibers themselves. This may cause the lash fibers to completely detach from the lash band.

Tip #2: Don't glue your falsies to your real lashes. The goal is to get them as close to your lash line as possible, but not actually on them! Doing so will likely pull some of your natural lashes out.

Tip #3: Be careful when applying the lash glue; use only a small thin amount to both the lash strip and your lash line. Most people think adding more glue makes it stick better. Actually, it makes harder for the glue to reach the tacky state that makes it stick in the first place. Your goal should be a thin line on the lash band, and a thin line close to your lash line.

Tip#4: Remove old glue residue from your eyelid.

A simple oil based makeup remover and a q-tip will help gently remove those pesky left over pieces.

Tip #5: Practice your patience.

Wait 15-30 seconds after applying glue to place the lash on your eyelid. This allows time for the glue to become tacky allowing the lashes to stick really well.

Tip #6: Reuse your lashes.

Yes! Boujee Girl Lashes are reusable. With proper care, you can wear your lashes up to 35 times. Our lashes also come in a special protective case for you to easily store your lashes when they aren't being used.

We hope these lash tips help you live your #BestLashLife


Your lash Bestie

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