Is Vegan Lip Gloss for You?

Is Vegan Lip Gloss for You?

We're so excited to announce our latest collection, Boujee Girl Liquid Lippie!

These glosses give your lips a full flirty pout—not only are they perfect for glam looks but they are also great for the environment. All of our lip products are cruelty-free and completely vegan, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your lips.

Instead of opting for harmful ingredients that are bad for the environment and your body, we use natural healthy ingredients that are great for your lips too. Like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E. No wonder our glosses quench thirsty lips!

These glosses also provide your lips with smooth, long lasting moisture. Quenching those dry thirsty lips that have been damaged from harsh weather and dehydration (drink your water).

The 6 colors we curate for this collection are perfect for all skin types. They will have your lips poppin' with every fit this spring! Looks are only limited by your own creativity—the tones range from dramatic to subtle so there is something for everyone whether you're trying to capture a dramatic look or just want something subtle enough for everyday wear. Most beauty brands use carmine—which comes from small cochineal bugs—to give their cosmetics a rich red shade. But here at Boujee Girl, we even give insects the respect they deserve.

Long-lasting lip colors can be a lifesaver, but not all brands are created equal. Many use lanolin, which is collected from sheep, to ensure their colors have staying power.

Boujee Girl Beauty uses shea butter and coconut oil to achieve this effect.

Here at Boujee Girl, we are all about shine this season. Many brands use an oil called squalene to make their glosses shine and moisturize. This is an oil primarily found in the livers of sharks. While it is incredibly moisturizing and shiny, there are plenty of other ways to achieve this effect. Boujee Girl uses shea butter and coconut oil to achieve this effect.

While beauty trends come and go, it is ultimately up to YOU to set the trend. So be undeniably you Bestie!

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