Wearing Glasses and Makeup

Wearing Glasses and Makeup

OMG, to all my bespectacled babes out there, I know wearing glasses can sometimes feel like a buzzkill when it comes to makeup. But have no fear, I'm here to spill the tea on some tips and tricks that'll make your peepers pop!

  1. Focus on the eyes:
    Since your frames already draw attention to your eyes, it's essential to make them stand out. So, reach for bold eyeshadow colors that'll make your eyes POP! Blues, greens, and purples are all great options.

  2. Don't skip the mascara:
    If you're wearing glasses, mascara is your BFF. It helps define your lashes and prevents them from getting lost behind your glasses. So, don't be shy, coat those lashes with your favorite mascara! Boujee Girl also has some glasses friendly lashes, new styles added frequently.

  3. Say goodbye to smudges:
    I know all too well the struggle of smudged glasses. To avoid this, swap out your regular eyeliner for waterproof and smudge-proof formulas. And, don't forget to set your eye makeup with a setting spray, so your look lasts all day!

  4. Don't forget the brows:
    Your brows frame your face and make a massive difference in your overall look. So, make sure to groom them and fill them in with a brow pencil or powder.

Okay loves, those are my top tips for making your eyes pop while wearing glasses. Remember, glasses are an accessory, so have fun with your makeup and rock those lenses with confidence!

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