Why We are Obsessed with Strip Lashes

Why We are Obsessed with Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are one of our favorite beauty products to use, and we're so excited to share why.

Strip lashes are false eyelashes that cover the entire lash line with one pre-styled strip. They're one size fits all and can be trimmed to fit any eye shape, which means that they're perfect for beginners looking for an easy way to enhance their eyes or new moms who don't have time for a lot of fuss!

We love these lashes for a few reasons:

-They transform your look in an instant, giving you more confidence and a night out on the town feeling without having to spend hours at home getting ready.

-They save time! The application process is easy and only takes about 5 minutes (15 if you're new to it), so you'll get out the door faster than ever before.

-They're far less expensive than lash extensions, which can cost hundreds of dollars per application. Strip lashes are usually under $20/pair, which makes them an affordable option that still gives you that "I just got my makeup done" look when you wear them out on the town.

-They are less harsh on your eyes because they don't use harsh semi-permanent glues that are harmful if not used properly

-Most importantly they provide you with an undeniable confidence, that some women swear help them conquer the world.

Here at Boujee Girl we recommend starting with our smaller "Naturally Boujee" lashes and working your way up to the longer more dramatic styles. Like the "Candy Coated" and "Boujee Girl" collections.

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